Introducing the PR4100 model PoolRunner Pro service trailer. This model features a newly added tailgate and hitch receiver built into the chassis.


This custom engineered trailer was designed for you, the pool service provider.

Its unique features make your daily routine faster and easier, saving you time and making you more money.

Plus it lasts 2 to 3 times longer than other products.

Make your next trailer purchase a PoolRunner Pro!

Comprehensive Design

Extensive design, testing and thought has gone into the PoolRunner Pro. Designed to be easier on your body, allows you easier and quicker access to your chemicals and equipment.

Long Life Guaranteed

All components are uniquely engineered to give you extended service life. Hot dip galvanization ensures corrosion protection even from chlorine. We stand behind this with a 3 year rust through warranty.


Customize your trailer with our uniquely designed add-on accessories.  The flexible design of the trailer truly makes it a pool service technician’s dream.

PR4100 Highlighted Features

 Tailgate design for versatility. With the addition of a tailgate you can now load larger items like a heater with greater ease. The trailer now can be used for additional purposes if you so desire to transport non pool service items like a 4 wheeler or lawn mower for example. The tailgate is similar to one on the bed of a truck but is not a ramp. This allows you to still have easy access to the rear of the trailer for your daily pool route.

 With an integrated hitch on the chassis or the PoolRunner Pro you can easily install any accessory that would be mounted at the rear of a truck. Like our Quiklatch or similar to transport your service cart or pool vacuum with ease.
 We designed the PoolRunner Pro with the transportation of a service cart in mind. Located at the front of the trailer and recessed into the trailer itself as the best possible location. By mounting it midway between the trailer axle and the hitch of the towing vehicle the cart is bounced around far less than if mounted in the rear of the trailer. Additionally this location is less likely to have accidental contact with various obstacles or be subject to damage from a rear end vehicle collision. This feature will save you money by protecting your expensive investment.

 Utilizing axles that are rated for much larger trailers we ensure the products reliability. The wheel bearings are matched to the axle which will provide long life and dependable service. The tires are radial full size tires more suited for a full size truck. No mickey mouse bias ply puny trailer tires here.
We utilize an all metal galvanized design. There is no wood to rot or look unsightly. The bed of the trailer does not collects water; our metal mesh design allows rain and other liquids to pass through it. Transported items are still very secure with our load bars to keep your load from sliding around. The sides are surrounded with the same expanded metal mesh that is used on the floor to keep your gear in the trailer and off the street.