PoolRunner Pro Accessories

Customize your PoolRunner Pro trailer with our great accessories. Add the Pool Holster to hold 2 – 3 poles, The Swing-Away Tongue Jack to make disconnecting your trailer easier, the Spare Tire Kit so you always have a spare, Load Bars to hold your chemicals in place and the QuikLatch for your pool cart.

Coming soon is the sign kit so you can attract new customers while driving your route.




Pole Holster

The Pole Holster allows for 2-3 brush or net poles to slide into this side mounted holder. Your poles will be in contact with non-abrasive material are coated to protect the anodized coating on the poles. Makes the stowing and transportation of your poles quick and secure.

Swing-Away Tongue Jack2

Swing-Away Tongue Jack

Save time connecting or disconnecting your PoolRunner Pro. It’s so easy to use, you’ll save you half an hour to an hour a month cranking the jack up and down!


Spare Tire

If you have had a flat, you know a spare tire is invaluable. This kit it allows you to mount a full size spare to your trailer and be prepared for unexpected. The kit includes everything you will need: wheel and tire mounted and balanced, mounting kit, hardware and instructions.



Sign Kit

Coming soon! Our Sign kit will allow you to have a large 3′ x 8″ sign mounted above your PoolRunner Pro. it will display a dramatic, professional image that will attract new customers. The design won’t get in your way, block your view or disrupt your work. It will be a great way to pick up new accounts while working your route.


Load Bars

Our Load Bars are specially designed components that fit the PoolRunner Pro. They are very secure chemicals in place. No more sliding jugs, these bars adjust to whatever size item you want to secure.

The load bars are set on the top of the trailer frame. Slide them forward and back to decide on the best position. Once you have the perfect arrangement they bolt to the sides of the trailer. Need to change them? – they can be adjusted or removed if needed.



This innovative cart hitch allows you to attach your HAMMER-HEAD® cart, AquaVac cart or any vacuum cart to our trailer with incredible ease and it is out of the way. With one hand you can attach your cart, save energy, effort, and your back. This incredible unit is also quick to release, secure, and galvanized! What more could you ask for?